15 Million TL investment in 2017

Blue Ascend which is prepared to present new products to the market in 2017, gives great importance to quality production. The company is continuing its investments without interruption and has received a decision to invest 15 million TL.

Blue Ascend aims to realize an investment of 15 million TL in 2017 while increasing the product variety from one side and continuing to work to expand its market share from the other side. The company continued to increase its share of the hydraulic pump and hydraulic engine market with the Blue Ascend brand, and by 2016 it increased its market share by 50 percent.
ASC Hydraulic Chairman Ömer Şen stated that they continued to increase their shares in the hydraulic pump and hydraulic engine market with the Blue Ascend brand, “We never compromise from quality production and investments. With that in mind, we decided to make an additional investment of 15 million TL in 2017. While we increase our product variety from one side, we continue to expand our market share from the other side. ”

“We are expanding our market share each passing day”
The Blue Ascend brand has expanded its share of the market day by day and most importantly it has become a wanted brand in OEM companies. “In the mentioned period, we exported to 27 countries and we made a significant contribution to our country’s economy. We set our 2017 growth target at 54 percent. “He added.
Blue Ascend, which is in competition with known world brands, is among the top five brands in the world for its performance, silence and longevity with hydraulic gear pump, motor and flow dividers; Ömer Şen said that, “in production, there is no room for coincidence. We do all our work in a systematic way and we attach great importance to this system with our team.”

“We are the market leader in some products”
The most important indicators of success are; Team work, planned work and target-oriented work, Şen said: “In the internal market, we are in a good position with the Blueascend hydraulic pump, engine and flow divider. In some products, we are the market leader.”
Underlining that the Blue Ascend brand is a national product, Ömer Şen said, “Products whose name is national and whose origin is China or any other country, unfortunately find itself in the marketplace. I regret to say; the national values of the country are wasted in for of simple profits. We are committed to serve this country with our local human power, our high technology and our proper management system. 2017 will be the year for us to meet new products for the market. Our fighting spirit will continue to increase every day more than the previous day, “he said.

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