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About Us

Blue Ascend Hydraulics was established in 2007 as part of the ASC Industry Group. The production facility is located on a total of 91.000 M2 area with 40.000 m2 of indoor area.

The production is focused on Hydraulic gear pumps,motors and flow dividers.Both aluminium and cast iron body options are available with various shaft and flange combinations.

Blue Ascend is serving and supplying its product to various sectors such as Mobile,Industry and Agriculture.Quality is a must when dealing with these sectors and the pump or motor has to complete its task flawlessly 24/7 even under extreme conditions.

In order to servet he hydraulic sector properly, Blue Ascend R&D team has developed a product with a different production mentality that assures a longer lifetime above the standarts, higher volumetric and mechanical efficiencies.

Blue Ascend does all the the production processes in-house such as gear production, body production, heat treatment and production of other parts used in the final product. By doing this they gain complete control over the quality and assures stability.

One of the advantages Blue Ascend has that puts their product in the front line is their short production and delivery times. This is assured by the modern machine parkour and advanced semi-finished product stock management.

A complete quality control management system is present at Blue Ascend that gives them complate traceability from the first stage such as used raw material, production process, and final test reports.

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